How to Draw and Paint Insects

Although they can make you jump, insects can also provide a rich study in nature’s colors and designs. Learning how to draw insects strengthens your finest motor skills and teaches you how to create delicate and intricate work. In this tutorial, I will help you to start learning how to apply these skills to create insect […]

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How Watercolor Calligraphy Enhances Your Art

Watercolor is so very versatile in many wonderful ways, but sometimes it needs an added something to give it personality or a touch of satirical whimsy. In my style of watercolors, I tend to lean towards bright colors on white backgrounds, but if the emptiness of the background is overwhelming, I like to add a small […]

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How to Draw and Paint a Duckling

Drawing these little animals is a fun way to familiarize yourself with a bird’s features. And after, you will have a nice little piece of art to keep or to share. Gather your art supplies and some cute pictures of ducklings — unless you are lucky enough to have some live baby ducks you can sketch from life! […]

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Ways to Decrease Sugar in the Food

At one point or another, we have all dealt with a sugar addiction. I recently gave up all sugar for 30 days and felt actual withdrawal symptoms. I was exhausted and couldn’t shake a nagging headache. I was also snapping at my family for no reason at all. Giving up sugar cold turkey is one […]

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The Basic Steps of Watercolor Portrait Painting

Portrait painting can seem intimidating. But, as with many things, it’s easier to tackle if we break it down into small steps. So, watercolor painting fans, get ready your brushes and palettes ready. 1.Pick Your Subject And The Tools You’ll Use First, select someone that you want to paint. I picked my brother, who I […]

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